My focus areas

As a result of my experience working as an in-house translator for a large German commercial law firm, I am well-acquainted with the whole range of documents in the field of commercial law.

However, due to my own increasing personal interest, during the course of my freelance career I have chosen to specialise in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property (especially copyright law, patent law and trade mark law)

In this area I regularly translate written pleadings in patent infringement cases, judgments, interim injunctions as well as articles for law journals. I function as a partner on whom both you and your client can rely for the linguistic side and can provide you with a translation of the first draft of your statement of claim, statement of defence or reply brief and will also swiftly incorporate later amendments and additional information into the English version following discussions and clarification with the client. I am also available to translate written statements from the opposing party at short notice as well as judgments and court orders so that your client has all of the relevant documents available in English for information purposes.

  • Conflict resolution (in and out-of-court disputes as well as arbitration proceedings)

In this area I regularly translate correspondence, written pleadings and judgments as well as arbitral awards. I have also translated presentations on the court system in Germany and the advantages of arbitration proceedings.

  • Contract law

I translate both very extensive contracts for complex transactions with several parties as well as smaller agreements such as software licence agreements and terms and conditions for companies. Share Purchase Agreements (SPA), notarial deeds and articles of association/partnership agreements are also among the types of texts I translate on a weekly basis.